AECO speaks at The Economist’s Arctic Summit

February 12th, 2014

The Economist is organizing an Arctic Summit at the HAC in London, March 4th, 2014 and Frigg Jørgensen is one of the invited speakers.

Frigg speaks under the heading “Cruise tourism in the High Arctic”.

“Cruise tourism is one of the developing industries in the Arctic and is set to continue to increase as word spreads on the Arctic’s pristine environment and unique wildlife. For some this has led to concerns particularly related to safety risks and risks of endangering fragile ecosystems. What regions are experiencing development and what are the outlooks? What are the opportunities and challenges and what measures are the industry taking in regards to safeguarding considerate, environmentally friendly and safe cruise tourism in the Arctic?”

Other speakers include the  Prime Minister of Greenland, the State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway, the Deputy High Commissioner, Canada, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Iceland, the Minister of Polar Regions, UK, and the Arctic Ambassador, Denmark.