AECO Dialogue meeting with Danish Maritime Authorities

March 6th, 2014

At the end of February an AECO-delegation of 5 maritime experts plus AECO’s secretariat and a delegation from CLIA met with the Danish Maritime Authorities (DMA) in Copenhagen for another dialogue meeting about the proposed new regulations in Greenlandic waters.
The outcome of the meeting was:
• The industry (CLIA and AECO) have been invited to make written comments on the draft-regulation and suggest text-alterations to the current regulation proposal.
• DMA will continue to involve both AECO and CLIA in the work and also include us in a public hearing about this new regulation-proposal – probably already this summer.
• DMA has clarified that they don’t have any plans of making the new regulations applicable to vessels with less than 250 passengers in the near future (although this has until now been stated as a potential next future step by the DMA)
• DMA has confirmed that they will continue their regulation efforts in such a way that the new regulation proposals – as far as it is possible and feasible – will be aligned with the IMO Polar-code.
In addition to the outcome on the new regulations in Greenland, this meeting also added to the positive dialogue AECO has with DMA – and also to a growing dialogue and cooperation with CLIA. At the meeting DMA gave a presentation of their new online tool ArcticWeb. AECO will meet DMA again when AECO’s Marine Committee meets in Copenhagen on March 25th.

2014-02-27 Best Photo (edited) (small)

Photo from the meeting with DMA in Copenhagen on February 27th