Clean Up Svalbard

July 7th, 2014

AECO would like to help the Arctic environment.

Sea transported garbage is an increasing problem in the Arctic. Northbound sea currents are transporting an increased amount of garbage from all over the world to the pristine and vulnerable Arctic. Polluted beaches …in the Arctic is not a pretty sight, but what is worse is that the garbage is a fast growing large problem for the wildlife. Birds and animals eat plastic or may get caught in fishnets and ropes, with the risk of suffering a slow and very painful death. This will have significant negative impact on the Arctic wildlife, which is presently also subject to large climate changes.

AECO is contributing to cleaning up the Arctic by asking guests to pick up a little garbage if they come across it in beaches they visit. Tons have been removed over the past decade. However, we would like to contribute more. In addition, we believe some of the Arctic enthusiasts who every year travel onboard one of the “AECO-vessels” would like to contribute more. AECO is therefore presently working on organizing one or two “Clean Up Svalbard cruises”. The message to the public is that if they are prepared make a large contribution to the Arctic environment they may consider booking a cruise where they will be asked to spend full work-days on beach cleaning.

AECO’s Facebook Clean Up Svalbard

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Collage: Svalbardposten/Photo: Governor of Svalbard/Norwegian Polar Institute.

2010 – 1 EC meeting Clean up Svalbard garbage collage