A full scale Site Guideline project for Greenland?

September 9th, 2014

At the end of August AECO carried out a site- guideline Greenland feasibility study workshop in Copenhagen, funded by NORDREGIO (Nordic Council of Ministers Cooperation Fund). At the workshop it was discussed if and how a site specific guideline project similar to that in Svalbard (see: https://www.aeco.no/guidelines/site-guidelines/) could be developed for Greenland.

Among the participants in the workshop were beside AECO: Visit Greenland, Greenland’s Department of Nature, and Greenland’s National Museum and Achieve. At the workshop consensus was reached in regard the overall setup of a full-scale site-guideline project for Greenland. AECO is currently working on a workshop report with the details of the workshop and its findings, which will be made public soon.

At this stage, however, AECO can reveal that project applications for a full-scale site-guidelines Greenland project will be send in the months to come.