2014 Arctic Cruise Conference

October 24th, 2014

AECO’s 11th Arctic Cruise Conference gathered more than 60 delegates in Oslo last week.

Representatives from Norwegian, Greenlandic, Danish, Canadian and British governments and authorities, researchers, tourist offices and others, as well as a majority of AECO’s members had found their way to Oslo. The agenda included updates from different Arctic tourism authorities and regulatory bodies, updates from the industry, research results, polar bear safety and the Polar Code. AECO’s Annual dinner took place at Oslo’s Operahouse. The conference was followed by AECO’s Annual Meeting were guidelines and Bylaws amendments as well as incident reporting was on the agenda, in addition to the fixed annual meeting agenda issues. The Annual Meeting decided that AECO’s 12th Arctic Cruise  Conference will be organized in Copenhagen, October 14th, 2015.


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