Award to Oceanwide Expeditions

October 24th, 2014

AECO’s Puffin Award 2014 goes to Oceanwide Expeditions.

Oceanwide Expeditions has since 2013 collected 13 Puffins, and is a very worthy winner of AECO’s Puffin Award.

AECO’s Puffin Award was established in 2013 to encourage members of AECO to contribute to the association and membership. The contribution can be sharing information, helping other members, helping the secretariat, representing of behalf of AECO, promoting AECO, sponsoring and other. Each contribution is awarded with one imaginary Puffin. The member who has collected most Puffins throughout an operational year, receives the travelling trophy, The Running Puffin. The Running Puffin is a bronze statue of a real-size Puffin, designed by Suzie March. The statue is a gift to AECO from Silversea Expeditions.


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