AECO – NINA cooperation

February 2nd, 2015

AECO has played a major part when the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) together with the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) recently published the “Handbook for vulnerability assessments for landings sites in Svalbard”.

The method has been developed in close contact the tourism industry, and especially AECO’s site guideline projects have been important in this regard. The site guidelines have been developed using NINA’s method and NINA participated in the project group both times AECO carried out the site inspections. Through involvement in the site guidelines project NINA was able to test and further develop the method that is now available in this handbook.

There are plans for site guidelines projects, involving use of the same method, both in Greenland and Canada, and in Franz Josef Land new site guidelines have been developed using AECO’s site guidelines as inspiration. This week NINA will be setting course for Antarctica where they, together with site Antarctica experts, will test the method on sites in the south.

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