Sharing of depth soundings

March 26th, 2015

At this point in time eight AECO-vessels use a Olex-system with the historical data, which the sharing of depth sounding project has evolved around. The vessels are: MV Expeditions, Fram, Ortelius, Plancius, Silver Explorer, National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Orion and Seaborne Quest.

It has been a challenge to share the historical data between vessels as the contribution in regard to historical data has been very uneven. In addition, a primary goal with the project has been to get hydrographic-office data into the system as well – a process, which is still ongoing. The UKHO (UK Hydrographic Office) has sent some high-resolution test-charts, which worked very well after they were installed. Even though this data is not to be used for navigation, this crowd-sourced data has a great potential for enhancing safe navigation.

In the time to come the amount of shared data will increase much faster than before, as the system has now been installed on a number of vessels, that constantly add new data to the data-pool. AECO has been contacted by several authorities, who are interested in this data.


b. Olex