AECO receives funding for new Wildlife Guidelines + a new pre-project regarding a tourism conference in Svalbard

April 24th, 2015

Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund has decided to grant AECO 160.000 + 68.250 NOK for two different projects.

The 160.000 NOK (approximately 20.000 USD) will go to the development of seven new AECO Wildlife Guidelines about mammals and birds in Svalbard. These new guidelines will be similar to AECO’s existing Walrus guideline, which can be viewed at: As is the case with AECO’s existing guidelines the new guidelines will include general facts about the species, photos of it and a guideline about how to behave in order to prevent unnecessary disturbance and a negative impact. Read more here:

The 68.250 NOK (approximately 8.500 USD) will be utilized for a pre-project regarding a conference about tourism and environment in Svalbard – with cruise tourism as a crucial theme. This project is a partnership with Visit Svalbard.