Bans use of UAVs

May 8th, 2015

AECO bans general use of UAV’s in the Arctic. We have today issued a press release where explain that cruise passengers travelling with AECO will not be allowed to bring and use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) when visiting the Arctic.
This is a decision made by AECO’s members and involves that the general use of UAVs will be prohibited for cruise guest travelling vessels connected to AECO. AECO’s members can for special purposes, e.g. when involved in research – or film projects, decide to allow for the use of UAVs.

Use of UAVs increases throughout the world. This development comes with a risk of disturbance of people as well as wildlife. Noise might be an issue and a UAV can also represent a risk of littering if it gets out of control and is lost. Travelers to pristine Arctic areas enjoy unique nature and wildlife experiences, remoteness and silence. AECO finds that some of these values may be at risk if the general use of UAVs is allowed to continue to increase in the Arctic.

Prohibition on use of UAVs is only one of many areas where AECO’s members have committed to stronger environmental – and safety regulations than the legal requirements.