Quark Expedition Receives AECO’s Puffin Award

November 2nd, 2015

In October 2015 the total number of puffins given away by AECO’s secretariat in 2014-2015 was counted. This year’s proud winner was Quark Expeditions with a total number of 12 puffins. AECO congratulates Quark Expeditions!

AECO’s Puffin Award was established to encourage members of AECO to contribute to the association and its membership. AECO contributions are awarded with imaginary Puffins. At the end of the operational year the member who has received most Puffins receives the award and traveling trophy. The trophy consists of a bronze statue of a Puffin, designed by Suzie March, which was donated to AECO by Silversea Expeditions in 2014.

AECO’s secretariat are glad to announce that AECO members are receiving more Puffins than ever before! During the previous operational year AECO has given away more than 100 Puffins for valuable contributions. Three companies (Quark Expeditions, Oceanwide Expeditions and G Adventures) alone received more than 36 puffins during the past 12 months. At last year’s Annual Meeting, Oceanwide Expeditions was the first company to receive AECO’s Puffin Award.

This year’s winner Quark Expeditions (12 puffins) was followed by: Oceanwide (11 puffins); G Adventures (10 puffins); Hurtigruten and Poseidon Expeditions (8 puffins each); Spitsbergen Travel (7 puffins); Silversea Cruises (6 puffins); Abercrombie & Kent and Pole Position (5 puffins each); One Ocean Expeditions, PolarQuest, and IAATO (4 puffins each); Aurora Expeditions, Grand Espaces, Lindblad Expeditions, Russian Arctic National Park, and 69 Nord (3 puffins each); Beluga Expeditions, Blue Planet Expeditions, and Osk-Ship Tech (2 puffins each) and last but not least: Arctia, Eyos Expeditions, Polaris Expeditions, Tallship Company, and Beijing Tripolers (1 puffin each)

On behalf of AECO we thank everyone for their valuable contributions. The Contributions the next 12 months will decide if Quark Expeditions gets to keep the travelling trophy!


2012-09-09 Puffin by Ilja Leo Lang