SAR entities and operators in one room

April 7th, 2016

2016-04-06 Opening of AECO SAR TTX 1

Ragnhildur Hjaltadóttir, permanent secretary of the Icelandic Ministry of Interior, opened the Joint Arctic SAR Table Top Exercise (TTX), organized by AECO in cooperation with the Icelandic Coast Guard and Hurtigruten, in Reykjavik April 6-7.

The event gathered SAR-responders and cruise operators in the Arctic, including Canadian Coast Guard, the Canadian Air Force, the Finnish Boarder Guard, the Norwegian Coast Guard, The US Coast Guard, the Icelandic police, ICESAR, Arctic Command of the Danish Defense, as well as a number of AECO members and operators, research institutions and other industry organizations were present.

A number of lessons connected to SAR responds in the event of an Arctic ship related incident, where learnt.

2016-04-07 Etienne

2016-04-07 Leif Explains

2016-04-07 All of the participants from the Arctic SAR TTX

The Arctic Council Coast Guard forum organize a back to back meeting just after the SAR TTX.