Paying Guests voluntarily clean 16m3 of Garbage in the Northwest of Svalbard

July 15th, 2016

Environmentally-Minded Tourists onboard Oceanwide Expedition vessel Ortelius has once again been Cleaning Beaches in Northwest Spitsbergen. The clean up cruise by the name “Eco Volunteer, North Spitsbergen’ ended at the beginning of July and was a continuation of last years’ success. Tourists on these specially-designed cruises spend half of their cruise cleaning beaches of detritus […]

AECO donation to Longyearbyen hospital

July 7th, 2016

Following the tragic avalanche in Longyearbyen last December, AECO members have raised money for a gift to Longyearbyen Hospital. Quark Expedition initiatied a fund raising that resulted in two mobile heart -, oxygen – and blood pressure minitors to the hospital. The gift was handed over this week. Contributors in addition to Quark Expeditions, are […]