Management Plan for Spitsbergen’s National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries

November 25th, 2016

The Governor of Svalbard has issued a proposal for a management plan for West Spitsbergen national parks and bird sanctuaries. The proposal includes a requirement to develop site-specific guidelines before landing at nine sites along the coast. AECO has already developed site guidelines for seven of the relevant sites and will initiate the development of two additional guidelines for our members. AECO has advocated for the use of site guidelines as a management tool instead of stricter regulation such as landing prohibition.

The management plan also includes a proposal to establish: a new larger bird sanctuary in Liefdefjorden; restrictions nearby the hot springs in Woodfjorden; and new managements tools at Gravnesodden in Magdalenefjorden and in Virgohamna. It also includes a proposal to give the governor the authority to require cleaning of booths, clothes and equipment to avoid the introduction of alien species.