Quark Expeditions Wins Puffin Award

November 10th, 2016

During the past operational year, AECO’s secretariat has given out 134 Puffins. Again, this year the proud winner of the prestigious Puffin Award was Quark Expeditions with a total of 21 Puffins.


At AECO’s Annual Meeting 2014, the Puffin Award and traveling trophy was established. The trophy consists of a bronze statue of a puffin, designed by Suzie March. The statue was donated to AECO by Silversea Expeditions. AECO’s Puffin Award was created to encourage members of AECO to contribute to the association and its membership. AECO contributions are awarded with imaginary puffins. At the end of the operational year, the member who has received most puffins receives the award at AECO’s annual dinner in connection with AECO’s annual meeting and cruise conference.