AECO launches Field Staff Assessment

January 8th, 2018

AECO  launched its new Field Staff Online Assessment. The online tests are available to field staff working for AECO members.

AECO is working to ensure that field staff understand and support the association’s values, and that they have both the knowledge and tools they need to carry out responsible and considerate tourism in the Arctic. As a part of this effort, AECO has now launched its new Field Staff Online Assessment, giving guides and expedition leaders the opportunity to test their knowledge of AECO guidelines and relevant regulations.

The assessments focus on knowledge about AECO’s guidelines and principles, combined with knowledge about the two regions that are most frequented by AECO members, namely Svalbard and Greenland. Three different assessments were created using the online platform SpeedExam: AECO and Svalbard; AECO and Greenland; and AECO, Svalbard and Greenland. When an exam is successfully completed, the person taking the exam will be issued a diploma to certify that they have demonstrated their knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern Arctic field operations as well as AECO’s principles and guidelines.

Going forward, the aim is that the assessment will help ensure implementation of AECO guidelines. AECO’s 2016 Annual Meeting decided to aim at AECO members making the field staff online assessment compulsory for their field staff. For the time being, completion of the AECO’s Field Staff Online Assessment by member field staff is encouraged, but remains voluntary.

The assessment was developed with the support of the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund. A working group was tasked with designing the assessment and drafting the questions. Pilot versions of the assessments were tested during the summer of 2017, and is now available for field staff working for AECO members.

Are you an Arctic field staff?

If you would like to learn more about the assessment and how to access it, please read the information available on AECO’s members only section (requires login), or send an e-mail to