Troels Jacobsen joins AECO as field operations manager

January 2nd, 2020

AECO is pleased to welcome new staff member Troels Jacobsen who assumed the position of field operations manager on January 2.

As field operations manager, Troels is involved in developing and maintaining field operations tools, measures and procedures. He is also involved in a range of field operations issues relevant to AECO.

Troels Jacobsen has more than 15 years’ experience from the cruise industry, most recently as Product and Staffing Manager for Oceanwide Expeditions. He holds a Master of Science in Biology and has worked as guide, expedition leader in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Troels Jacobsen has done extensive consultant work for AECO and has been involved in AECO committees.

Troels Jacobsen is Danish and speaks Danish and English. Troels works from a home office close to Odense, Denmark.