Positive attitudes to tourism

March 3rd, 2023

Visit Greenland’s new survey, shows positive attitudes among the Greenlandic population towards cruise tourism. 

After a couple of summers with COVID19 the season 2021 meant a lot of tourists, combined with routines that needed to be revised. This caused some mistakes and sometimes misunderstandings that AECO has been working hard on to minimize. The result of the survey shows that these efforts are making an impact.

In Visit Greenland’s survey, “The Populations attitudes towards tourism 2022” almost 80% of the respondents agree that cruise guests take good care of Greenland’s nature and almost the same amount think that cruise tourism is a positive contribution to their local community.

Here are some of the main take-aways from the survey:

  • 1% of the respondents has positive experiences with tourism.
  • 1% are positive to tourism. (5.2% are negative)
  • 6% agree that cruise guests are respectful in meetings with locals and local culture. (3.7% disagree)
  • 4% agree that cruise tourism contribute positive to their local community. (8.3% disagree)
  • 3% agree that cruise guests take good care of Greenland´s nature.
    (5.5% disagree)

AECO works closely with authorities, Visit Greenland, and the regional destination offices, amongst others, to understand what the local challenges are and finds solutions to them.

One outcome of these dialogues is the Cruise Ready tool that AECO is developing to help local communities prepare before arrivals. The tool will contain information about what tourists and ships that are coming. AECO also collaborates with the local communities in making community specific guidelines that contain Dos and don’ts for tourists coming to Greenland. For AECO one of the most important things is communication with the local communities.

Source: Visit Greenland, Befolkningens holdninger til turisme 2022.