Ilulissat Community Guidelines

The iceberg capital of Greenland


Ilulissat is a town of around 4700 people, right at the mouth of the UNESCO Icefjord, called Kangia in Greenlandic.

The UNESCO area was established in 2004. Almost every visitor follows the wooden walkway all the way down to the Icefjord and the
nationally protected area, Sermermiut. Ilulissat has for many years been the biggest tourism hotspot in Greenland.
The town is traditionally a fishing town – and it still is today, with halibut being the preferred catch in the area. Located 250 km north of the
Arctic Circle, the town sees no sun over the horizon from the 26th of November until the 13th of January. It also has midnight sun from the
21st of May until the 24th of July.



• Our nature is beautiful and fragile, please respect the untouched.
• When hiking in nature, please use the trails, we take great care of our nature.
• Please keep the silence in Sermermiut and use the wooden walkway.
• The icebergs are beautiful, but also very dangerous, keep a safe distance to the shore.
• Please help keep beautiful Ilulissat clean, use waste bins.
• Be curious about what the dogs are fed and how to behave around them.
• Greenlandic dogs are not pets; they are working animals. Please do not feed or pet them. Use the same rules for puppies as adult dogs.
• Please respect the dog areas and respect the moving dogsleds. Keep a distance of 5 meters or more.
• Please respect local people, their customs, privacy, and their private property. Ask permission to take photos, both of adults and children.
• The locals have stories everywhere you look. So, if you want to hear these, talk to the locals and use local businesses.
• We may not always understand your language, but please use facial expressions, hand gestures and body language to communicate with us.
• Please use our local tourism actors and the tourism information office.
• Buy local products, this is how you give the most back to the community.
• Respect religious and protected buildings and areas.
• Never enter a private home without an invitation.
• Be careful on busy roads. You share it with both cars and other pedestrians.
• The harbour is a workplace and space is limited. Take care and give space to those who work there.