AECO’s guidelines are in many ways the association’s backbone and very important tools to achieve the objectives to ensure that cruise tourism in the Arctic is carried out with the utmost consideration of the natural environment, local cultures, as well as challenging safety hazards at sea and on land. But AECO’s objectives and strategies stretches further and the association is involved in many activities.


To ensure that expedition cruises and tourism in the Arctic is carried out with the utmost consideration for the vulnerable, natural environment, local cultures and cultural remains, as well as the challenging safety hazards at sea and on land.

To be recognized as the primary organization representing the concerns and views of the expedition cruise tourism companies operating in the Arctic.

To agree upon and encourage the incorporation of specific standards and guidelines of operating expedition cruises in the Arctic.

To encourage the use of the highest qualified guides and staff knowledgeable and experienced in the Arctic environment, it’s natural and human history and contemporary culture.

To stimulate and encourage coordination among expedition cruise operators offering voyages to the Arctic.

To serve as a contact and advisory group to government ministries and agencies responsible for managing and regulating the lands, surrounding marine waters, and human activities in the Arctic

To interact with and maintain an open dialogue with non-governmental organizations interested in the Arctic.

To educate all interested groups and people about the Arctic and its unique environment, culture and natural history.


  • Frigg Jørgensen, Executive Director
  • Anders la Cour Vahl, Assistant Director
  • Melissa Nacke, Environmental Specialist
  • Ann Eileen Lennert, Community Engagement Specialist
  • Troels Jacobsen, Field Operations Manager
  • Maria Florencia Becherini, Office Manager
  • Edda Falk, Communications Manager (on leave Feb – Oct 2020)

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Executive Committee

  • Karin Strand, Hurtigruten (Chair)
  • Marie Lannborn Barker, PolarQuest AB
  • Kelvin Murray, EYOS Expeditions
  • Mark van der Hulst, Oceanwide Expeditions
  • Bob Simpson, Abercrombie & Kent
  • Alana Bradley-Swan, Adventure Canada

Marine Committee

  • Mark van der Hulst, Oceanwide Expeditions (chair)
  • Mike Orenczuk, G Adventures
  • Elvio Marcuzzi, Seabourn
  • Sindre Holberg, Hurtigruten
  • William Bennett, Quark Expeditions
  • Stanislav Kozhuharov, Silversea Cruises

Guidelines Committee

  • Anja Erdmann-Rutten, Poseidon Expeditions (Chair)
  • Susan Adie, G Adventures
  • Adam Rheborg, Polar Quest
  • Jim Mayer, Hurtigruten
  • Kara Weller, Seabourn
  • Pamela Le Noury, Noble Caledonia
  • Brittany Manley, Adventure Canada
  • Bill Davis, Silversea Cruises
  • Christian Kempf, Grands Espaces
  • Niki Trudeau, Quark Expeditions

Membership Committee

  • Stefan Kredel, Silversea Cruises (Chair)
  • Jason Edmunds, Adventure Canada
  • Tudor Morgan, Hurtigruten
  • Susan Adie, G Adventures

Election Committee

  • Tudor Morgan, Hurtigruten (Chair)
  • Jen Martin, Lindblad
  • Bob Simpson, Abercrombie & Kent

Community Engagement Committee

  • Alex Mc Neil, Quark Expeditions (Chair)
  • Alana Bradley-Swan, Adventure Canada
  • Karin Strand, Hurtigruten
  • Kit van Wagner, Silversea Cruises
  • Rory Martin, Seabourn

Compliance and Dispute Resolution Committee

  • Bill Davis, Silversea Cruises (Chair)
  • Jørn Henriksen, Viking Cruises
  • Tudor Morgan, Hurtigruten
  • Hans Lagerweij, Albatros Expeditions
  • Peter Garapick, Quark Expeditions

Yacht Committee

  • Olivier Pitras, 69 Nord (chair)
  • Kelvin Murray, EYOS Expeditions

Greenland Resource Group

  • Anja Erdmann-Rutten, Poseidon
  • Line Overgaard, Hurtigruten
  • Christian Kempf, Grands Espaces
  • Peter Garapick, Quark Expeditions
  • Patrick Demus, Silversea Cruises
  • Jason Edmunds, Adventure Canada

Canada Resource Group

  • Kelvin Murray, EYOS Expeditions
  • Patrick Demus, Silversea Cruises
  • Alana Bradley-Swan, Adventure Canada
  • John Chardine, Hurtigruten
  • Peter Garapick, Quark Expeditions

Russia Resource Group

  • Denis Cheprasov, Poseidon Expeditions
  • Alex McNeil, Quark Expeditions
  • Brad Siviour, Silversea Cruises
  • Karin Strand, Hurtigruten

Clean Seas Working Group

  • Bill Swan, Adventure Canada
  • Martin Berg, Polar Quest AB
  • Naomi Ages, Hurtigruten
  • Allison Kean, Quark Expeditions
  • Pamela Le Noury, Noble Caledonia
  • Angela Cowan, Silversea Cruises
  • Susan Adie, G Adventures

Iceland Resource Group

  • Pamela Le Noury, Noble Caledonia
  • Anne Grete Lund Hanssen, Hurtigruten
  • Jason Edmunds, Adventure Canada
  • Mark van der Hulst, Oceanwide Expeditions
  • Jen Martin, Lindblad
  • Gyda Gudmundsdottir, North Atlantic Agency
  • Bob Simpson, Abercrombie & Kent


  • Annual Arctic cruise conference
  • Polar field staff conferences
  • Joint Arctic SAR TTX


AECO has extensive involvement in relevant research projects. Learn more here.

Clean Seas  Efforts

  • Read about AECO’s efforts to combat marine plastic pollution here.


  • AECO supports a ban on use and carriage of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic and has signed the “The Arctic Commitment”, which calls for a phase-out of polluting heavy fuel oil (HFO) from Arctic shipping.
  • AECO has signed the Travel & Tourism Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade, a commitment to participate actively in the global fight against illegal wildlife trade.
  • AECO has banned the recreational use of drones by passengers traveling with AECO vessels.


  • Arctic cruise database and vessel tracker
  • Crowdsourced hydrographic data
  • Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool
  • Community engagement efforts
  • Community guidelines and community specific guidelines
  • Developed 21 site specific guidelines for Svalbard


  • Norwegian ship safety Act
  • Norwegian Harbor and fairway Act
  • Port state control in Svalbard
  • Regulation regarding duty to report position in Svalbard
  • Regulation relating the use of Bellsund – vanMijen waters
  • Duty to notify ship accidents and incidents
  • NOx tax Norway
  • Jan Mayen nature reserves
  • Protected areas regulations in Svalbard
  • Management plan for Eastern Svalbard nature reserves
  • Amendment Svalbard Environmental Protection Act
  • Pilotage requirements in Svalbard
  • Duty to carry observer in Greenland
  • Management plan for Greenland national park
  • Executive Order on tourism in Greenland
  • Pairing of vessels in Greenland
  • Amendment of Sea Safety Act, Greenland

Involved in

  • Assessing cruise tourism opportunities and threats in Canada
  • Dialogue wit the Russian Arctic National Park regarding tourism development
  • Pan-Arctic and international activities through:
    • Arctic Council PAME, AMAP and AMSA
    • World Metrology Organization (WMO)
    • Arctic Hydrograph’s forum
    • Nordic Council


  • AECO works, inter alia, with stakeholders such as IAATO, CLIA, ECC/CLIA Europe, Cruise Norway, Svalbard Tourism and Visit Greenland.

Project based partnership

  • Joint Rescue Coordination Center Northern Norway – ARCSAR (Arctic Search and Rescue Network)
  • Norwegian Coastal administration – Risk of ship accidents Eastern Svalbard
  • University of Tromsø – Measuring and managing introduction of non-native organisms
  • Nordlandsforskning – 1st Science-Industry platform on expedition cruise tourism in Svalbard.
  • University of Ottawa – Site guidelines in Canada
  • British Antarctic Survey – Optimizing situational awareness in the Arctic through integrated space technologies
  • Danish Meteorology Institute – Improved situational awareness in the Arctic
  • Vegaspace – Space based solutions and services
  • Norwegian Hydrographic Services – Crowd sourcing depth soundings
  • Government of Yukon – Use of guidelines in permitting processes
  • Norwegian Meteorology Institute – PRIMER (“Polar ships, Routing in Ice,
    Monitoring, and Emergency Response”
  • Danish Maritime Authorities EfficienSea 2 project – AECO is a part of the High Level User Group

Analyzing cruise tourism development, developing statistics and presenting and representing on behalf of our members are important parts of our activities.

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