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Enjoy and take care of the Arctic

AECO would like visitors to experience the Arctic on nature’s own terms. AECO’s guidelines aim at safeguarding the environment and the cultural remains as well as allowing for the possibility great nature experiences in the Arctic. AECO’s Site Specific Guidelines for Svalbard and the Russian Arctic National Park’s Site Specific Guidelines for Franz Josef Land give information and advice on selected sites. AECO’s members and their guests are obliged to follow these guidelines, but we would like to invite all visitors to do the same. Please contact AECO if you would like to know more about our guidelines.


Developing Site Specific Guidelines

Here are the Guidelines for Developing Site Specific Guidelines.


AECO Online Assessement

Please see this page: AECO Online Assessments – AECO or check your O-VRAT app.



Svalbard (Norway)


Franz Josefs Land (Russia)


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