Community Guidelines

Guidelines when visiting communities

Many of the countries and regions in the North Atlantic and the High Arctic are characterized by vast wilderness areas and a diversity of people, cultures and societies.

We wish you a warm welcome to the North, and kindly ask youto follow some important guidelines to ensure that your visit results in a happy, friendly and sustainable experience for everyone.

Template for development of Community Specific

In addition to the general community guidelines for the vast North Atlantic and High Arctic regions, some communities may find the need to develop community specific guidelines.

AECO is happy to present a template to those communities that wish to develop community specific guidelines, intended as helpful advice and an inspiration for those who would like to undertake such a project. The template contains an example of what such Community Specific Guidelines may look like.

Longyearbyen Community Specific Guidelines

July 2018, Longyearbyen became the first Arctic community to launch its own community specific guidelines. An online version of guidelines are available on the website of Visit Svalbard and a PDF version can be downloaded here.

Sisimiut Community Specific Guidelines

October 2018, Sisimiut launched its own community specific guidelines. A PDF version can be downloaded here.