Cleanup for Sarah

In order to mark the birthday of Sarah Auffret (June 16), people around the world have participated in cleanup actions annually since 2019.

AECO would like to encourage as many people as possible to use this date in June annually to rally together to clean up plastic litter in your outdoor environment, no matter if it is on a beach or anywhere else. This could be a community or individual effort, a social work event for staff, or an opportunity for cruise ship vessels to educate passengers further about how easily plastic waste ends up in the marine environment and what to do about it.

Join the annual Clean up for Sarah, June 10-18

Since the start of Clean up for Sarah, a significant number of cleanups have taken place on this date all over the world.

Share your efforts on social media using the hashtag #CleanupforSarah and post pictures on the Clean up for Sarah page on Facebook.

AECO would also like to hear of efforts made to reduce plastic waste in the environment during this week at