AECO’s Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool (O-VRAT)

AECO’s Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool (O-VRAT) is an innovative tool that allows field staff to carry out risk assessments before doing landings in the Arctic.

The tool combines risk analysis with site vulnerability assessment to help field staff assess and mitigate risks associated with off-vessel activities.


How to register for an account

The O-VRAT app is unlisted and you will receive the app link when your account is registered. The app is only available to field staff and other staff working for AECO member companies. If you work for an operator who is a member of AECO, please contact them and ask them to request an account for you. When you get a welcome e-mail from AECO it means that you have been registered with the e-mail used as your user name. Then create a new password by using the “Forgot Password” function in the app or this link:


How to delete my account

We respect privacy and fully support deleting your entire account record, along with associated personal data. However, since creation of accounts is requested by your employer or the AECO member company you work for, account deletion is unfortunately a manual process, where we need to verify with your company before we delete your account. Please contact and request an account deletion if you wish us to remove your account. We will then proceed with deleting your account and all the data associated with your account. This includes your account details and all other personal data, such as assessments and notes. The account deletion takes some days to be completed and we will inform you on your registered email when the account has been deleted.

Forgot password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one from this page Please note that you need to have an existing account to be able to reset your password. If you have forgotten your username, please contact us at and we will assist you.



AECO was granted funding from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund to develop an Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool (O-VRAT). The O-VRAT methodology was developed by a project working group with input from discussions held during the 2017 AECO/IAATO Polar Field Staff Conference.  In April 2018, AECO was granted additional funding from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund to develop an O-VRAT mobile application. In June 2018, AECO signed a contract with Ramm-Schmidt Consulting Ltd for the development of the mobile app. A pilot version of the app was trialed by test users during the 2019 Arctic cruise season.

The app was significantly updated in 2023.