AECO’s Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool (O-VRAT)

AECO’s Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool (O-VRAT) is an innovative tool that allows field staff to carry out risk assessments before doing landings in the Arctic.

The tool combines risk analysis with site vulnerability assessment to help field staff assess and mitigate risks associated with off-vessel activities.

Accessing the app

The O-VRAT app is freely available for download for iOS and Android in the iTunes App store and Google Play. However, in order to access the functionalities of the app, a username and password is required. The app is only available to field staff and other staff working for AECO member companies. If you work for an operator who is a member of AECO, please contact them and ask them to request a username and password for you.


AECO was granted funding from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund to develop an Off-Vessel Risk Assessment Tool (O-VRAT). The O-VRAT methodology was developed by a project working group with input from discussions held during the 2017 AECO/IAATO Polar Field Staff Conference.  In April 2018, AECO was granted additional funding from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund to develop an O-VRAT mobile application. In June 2018, AECO signed a contract with Ramm-Schmidt Consulting Ltd for the development of the mobile app. A pilot version of the app was trialed by test users during the 2019 Arctic cruise season.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the FAQ page for frequently asked questions about the O-VRAT app.

You can also refer to these documents: – User Guide  and Help Text