New nautical charts available for Storfjorden, Heleysundet/Ormholet and Freemansundet

May 9th, 2018

AECO’s push to speed up the chartering in Eastern and South Svalbard has given results. A shipping lane through Storfjorden, including a lane along the coast of Edgeøya has been chartered. New nautical charts, no. 528 «Storfjorden. Sør. Isbukta – Kvalpynten» and no. 532 «Storfjorden. Kvalpynten – Agardhbukta», and a new edition of no. 533 […]

AECO hires environmental agent

May 2nd, 2018

The Arctic expedition cruise industry steps up efforts to combat marine plastic pollution as AECO hires seasoned polar tourism professional Sarah Auffret as AECO’s new environmental agent.