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We’re hiring!

February 21st, 2024

En spennende, nyopprettet og fast stilling hvor du vil få et overordnet ansvar for IT, informasjonssikkerhet og personvern. Hos oss vil du få sjansen til å bidra til bærekraftig arktisk ekspedisjonscruiseturisme og du blir del av et team med internasjonale, dedikerte og profesjonelle kolleger. Vi har gode pensjons- og forsikringsordninger, inkludert helseforsikring. Vi vil legge […]

Survey results show opportunities and challenges

February 9th, 2024

Photo: Denis Elterman, Silversea A positive attitude towards working to mitigate the impacts of climate change, but a need for a joined industry effort. These are the key takeaways from the Climate Change survey that AECO’s members have responded to. Last year, AECO received 600 000 NOK from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund for the […]

“Everyone will leave with lessons identified and lessons learned.”

February 7th, 2024

  “This is a great opportunity for everyone in the room to learn about response” Peter Garapick from Quark Expeditions will lead the “Arctic Samaritan” tabletop exercise (TTX) at the Joint Arctic SAR event in March. – The scenario is an AECO member vessel in need of evacuation, and the only available resource around is […]

“The industry needs predictability”

February 7th, 2024

Frigg Jørgensen, AECO, Knut Arild Hareide, NMA, Einar Vik Arset, NCA and Monica Berstad, CEO, Cruise Norway. Photo: Gro Kibsgaard-Petersen Today, AECO is at the Norwegian Cruise Conference in Ålesund. The conference, organized by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, and the Norwegian Maritime Authority, is dedicated to maritime safety, emergency preparedness and rescue through collaboration. – […]

Joint Arctic Search and Rescue (JASA) network established.

November 20th, 2023

Photo: Jonas Skotnes and Martin Jystad, ARCSAR LIVEX22 The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operator’s (AECO) initiative for a collaborative network and platform between expedition cruise operators and SAR entities in the Arctic has met for the first time. The Joint Arctic Search and Rescue Arena (JASA) will focus on solving identified SAR-challenges.  JASA is […]

Celebrating the past and looking to the future at AECO’s 20th anniversary

November 9th, 2023

Photo: AECO Increased local value in Arctic communities, future technology for the sake of the environment, and supporting Arctic research. These were prominent topics at AECO’s anniversary conference for responsible expedition cruise tourism.   – Since 2003, AECO’s members have been dedicated to operating according to the highest possible standards in the Arctic. Looking at […]

Joint Arctic SAR Event Report | Turning Findings Into Actions

August 14th, 2023

This week, the report from the most recent Joint Arctic Search and Rescue Tabletop Exercise was published. The report highlights how the skillset of expedition staff can be leveraged when establishing and evacuating passengers to a shore camp. The report also describes how vessels in distress, vessels of opportunity, search and rescue responders and home offices can work together to use available resources in the best possible way.

“Expedition cruise ships can be a great resource”

August 9th, 2023

There were many discussions about sustainable cruise tourism during the trip along the west coast of Greenland. Photo: AECO What does expedition cruise tourism look like? AECO and Hurtigruten expeditions invited local and national Greenlandic stakeholders on a trip along the west coast. Focus was on better understanding about the industry and to open a […]

AECO strengthens relations with Iceland stakeholders

July 7th, 2023

Local value and growth management were the most important topics when AECO meet with local stakeholders on an expedition cruise around Iceland. Starting in Reykjavík, AECO visited nine different destinations during a weeklong stakeholder cruise in the beginning of June. The vessel stopped in Patreksfjörður, Akureyri and Grímsey, among other places, where local stakeholders were […]

Clean Up Iceland has started!

May 15th, 2023

The cleanup in Malmey in northern Iceland. Photo: Photo: Tim Hoffman and Laura Gledhill The first cleanup from AECO’s Clean Up Iceland project has been completed. On the premier, 80 people picked up rubbish on a shore on Malmey. After a pandemic pause, the Clean Up Iceland project has finally been launched and is now […]