Ann Eileen Lennert joins AECO as community engagement specialist

November 25th, 2019

AECO is pleased to welcome new staff member Ann Eileen Lennert who assumed the position of community engagement specialist on November 15.

Ann manages AECO’s portfolio of community engagement tasks. She works closely with the AECO secretariat and our Community Engagement Committee to further develop and carry out AECO’s strategy and action plans for community engagement in Arctic areas.

Ann Eileen Lennert has been working with tourism since 2004, both as a guide, destination guide, lecturer on land and at sea. She has also worked with tourism through research and as a consultant. She holds a PhD in Environmental Anthropology and Sustainability Sciences from Greenland Institute of Natural Recourses(GNIR) and Climate Research Centre (GCRC) and the University of Greenland. Her PhD project focus on knowledge co-production and was built largely on an awareness of culture, diplomacy and integrity. She has worked with community engagement in the Arctic through a number of project and has lived in Greenland for many years.

Ann Eileen Lennert is of Danish and Turkish descent. She speaks Danish, English and Norwegian as well as some Turkish, Greenlandic and German. She is based at AECO’s head office in Tromsø.

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