Clean up Iceland this summer!

February 10th, 2023

Photo: Violette VauchellePhoto: Violette Vauchelle

For expedition cruise passengers and guides who want to leave nature cleaner than they found it, Clean Up Iceland  is a great opportunity. The project was put on hold due to COVID-19 but will be revived this summer.

Guides and passengers from expedition cruise vessels will be given the chance to land on specific coastal areas to clean the shorelines. AECO has developed a map of areas that need cleaning and gotten the permissions from authorities and landowners. All that needs to be done from the operators is to take their guests to the assigned shore, collect the waste and transport it to a port.

The clean ups are open to anyone who wants to participate and is an opportunity to create meetings between visitors and locals.

Why cleanups?

Due to increasing production, wrong waste management and extreme durability, plastic pollution is an ever-growing problem. A lot of the litter ends up on Icelandic shorelines because of ocean currents. It comes from different parts of the world and is often litter from the fishing industry.