“Everyone will leave with lessons identified and lessons learned.”

February 7th, 2024


“This is a great opportunity for everyone in the room to learn about response”

Peter Garapick from Quark Expeditions will lead the “Arctic Samaritan” tabletop exercise (TTX) at the Joint Arctic SAR event in March.

– The scenario is an AECO member vessel in need of evacuation, and the only available resource around is another expedition cruise vessel, 4-5 hours away. The SAR entities in the room will certainly be involved, as a rescue coordination center (RCC) is coordinating the response.

What are the expected learnings and takeaways?

– The exercise is a great opportunity to identify (in)consistencies, (mis)alignments or (dis)agreements, and implement lessons learned. Focusing on AECO operators as vessels of opportunity, the TTX will engage everyone in the room on the issues of passenger management during evacuations, all things related to communication, and handling medical emergency situations.

-Everyone in the room will definitely leave with lessons identified, and possibly lessons learned, says Garapick.