Clean Up Iceland has started!

May 15th, 2023

The cleanup in Malmey in northern Iceland. Photo: Photo: Tim Hoffman and Laura Gledhill

The first cleanup from AECO’s Clean Up Iceland project has been completed. On the premier, 80 people picked up rubbish on a shore on Malmey.

After a pandemic pause, the Clean Up Iceland project has finally been launched and is now running. Last week the first cleanup was done and around 80 guests on MS Fridtjof Nansen filled several bags with marine litter.

“Every piece of litter we pick up is a win”, a participant concluded during the project’s kickoff workshop in March.

For the shores of Malmey in northern Iceland this win was 150 kg less rubbish after the first cleanup.

– Our members have done cleanups on Svalbard for over 20 years and I’m proud to see the project expand to Iceland, says AECO’s Executive Director, Frigg Jørgensen.

 Clean Up Iceland is a project in collaboration with the local organization The Blue Army and with Cruise Iceland.