AECO’S Clean Seas Project

AECO is combating marine plastic pollution. As part of these efforts, members have drastically cut back on single-use plastics on their vessels, as well as enhancing passenger involvement in beach cleanups. AECO also focuses on educating passengers and staff on how to prevent plastic pollution.

AECO signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Environment Programme to prevent and reucte marine litter. AECO contributes to #CleanSeas, a UN-led campaign.

Reduction of single-use plastics

AECO’s Clean Seas Guidelines for Visitors to the Arctic provide travelers with information on responsible solutions to reducing their waste and plastic footprint before, during and after their trip.

Cleanup efforts

AECO members have done beach cleanups for almost two decades. Through AECO’s Clean Seas Project, AECO will strengthen these efforts. 

AECO’s Cleanup Guidelines provides useful information about Clean up Svalbard and what you can do to help clean Arctic beaches.

Photo: Chelsea Claus

Clean Up Svalbard 

Clean Up Svalbard is a coastal cleanup project organised by the Governor of Svalbard. See the 2023 Clean Up Svalbard information from the Governor of Svalbard for more information.

Clean Up Iceland

In 2023 AECO’s members started doing cleanups in Iceland after AECO identified shorelines and gotten permissions from authorities and landowners. Guides and passengers from expedition cruise vessels now have the opportunity to land on specific coastal areas to do cleanups.


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Marine Litter Toolkit for Expedition Guides

The toolkit provides guides with resources to educate and engage with passengers on the marine litter problem. The “Marine litter identification cards” include photos and information on commonly found litter items on beaches in Svalbard and across the Arctic. The “Passenger engagement ideas” can be used as an inspiration for activities and events to facilitate conservations with passengers on marine litter.

Beach Clean-up Bingo

The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has launched a “Beach Clean-up Bingo” Card that encourages people to pick up litter from their local beach and to challenge friends and family to find and collect as many of the items as possible.

Cleanup for Sarah

Since 2019, people around the world carry out cleanups in their local area, to mark the birthday of Sarah Auffret. Learn more about Cleanup for Sarah.





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