The land of a hundred glaciers

Maniitsoq is situated in an archipelago of surrounding mountains and glaciers, intersected by small natural canals.

Maniitsoq, means ”the uneven place” in Greenlandic. As you get around this town, you will notice that there are mountains everywhere and that it really is uneven. The many peaks around town offers great hikes that are not long but still gives you a great view. Maniitsoq is founded in 1782 and it is the last town before crossing the arctic circle. The approx. 2.600 inhabitants mainly work within construction, the fishing industry and are public workers.

Maniitsoq has a very rich wildlife, some of Greenland’s biggest bird nesting areas are found in these fjords filled with tall mountains and more glaciers than you can count. The town is also well-known for its many whales that choose to spend their summer months in the waters that surrounds Maniitsoq. We hope that your adventure in our town will bring you some of these experiences.

Our tips for you:

  • The size and the uneven ground of Maniitsoq gives you a great opportunity to reach viewpoints by foot.
  • If you want a longer hike, the Fjord Sarfat trail (6,7km) is stunning and with a break along the route it should take around 3 hours. The Flower Valley trail is a shortened route of Fjord Sarfat and takes around 2 hours.
  • We do not have a tradition of bargaining. Here we buy and sell our products at the same price to any customer all year long.
  • Maniitsoq has local tourist operators offering tours in the town and to the different key sites nearby. We highly recommend experiencing boat trips around Maniitsoq.
  • WIFI is available at the café Hotel Heilmann Lyberth (HHL) for free if you buy something like coffee or cakes. WIFI can also be bought at the Hotel Maniitsoq.
  • If you need to use a restroom, please ask HHL café or Hotel Maniitsoq.
  • The designs and techniques of Greenlandic arts and crafts vary across the country, so do not expect to find the exact same selection of items in other towns. The pieces you find here are unique and more than just souvenirs. They are household items used in any Greenlandic home.

Maniitsoq Community Guidelines

  • Please ask before photographing locals; some of us are camera shy and please show respect for our homes.
  • Leave only footprints behind, then we won’t have to deal with our ancient spirits.
  • Beware of traffic when you walk around town. Please walk on the right side of the road.
  • Shop and eat locally to experience our culture up close, while supporting our community.
  • You have a great opportunity to explore many viewpoints in the nature which also are perfect places to take photos. This is where the locals enjoy the nature.
  • Most shops and restaurants in Maniitsoq take foreign cards or notes. No coins.
  • There is an ATM available at Grønlandsbanken. Be aware that shops and restaurants don’t give change due to the fact we don’t have dollars and euros in town.
  • Our shops are very aware of export laws:
    • No restriction for export with products made of Musk Ox, Reindeer
      and Seal to EU.
    • CITES permit is required for export of Walrus, Beluga and Minke
      whale from West Greenland. You can easily obtain CITES at all the
      places that sell these products.
    • Read more at Naalakkersuisut’s webpage for CITES.


Places to go

1. Cruise ponton
2. Meat & Fish Market
3. Church
4. Hotel Maniitsoq
5. Hotel Heilmann Lyberth
6. Municipality
7. Museum
8. Viewpoint Eiffel Tower
9. Viewpoint
10. Viewpoint Nasiffik
11. Whales
12. Maniitsoq Tour Boat ponton
13. Arts & Crafts center
14. Arnat Peqatigiifiat illuat – turf house
15. Viewpoint


Uummannassuaq mountain from Maniitsoq viewpoint. Photo: Lasse Kyed
Uummannassuaq mountain from Maniitsoq viewpoint. Photo: Lasse Kyed
Maniitsoq august sunset. Photo: Lasse Kyed
Maniitsoq august sunset. Photo: Lasse Kyed