Paamiut Community Guidelines

Paamiut is embodied by snowy winter slopes, majestic wildlife, and a tourist density that will make you feel like the guest of honor around town.

Not every town in Greenland can boast about its own guardian from the animal kingdom. But Paamiut can. The white-tailed eagle, called Nattoralik in Greenlandic, is plentiful in Paamiut, and the townspeople feel a strong connection to it. The eagle is like the Paamiut mascot, youth often name their football or handball teams Nattoralik. Come to Paamiut to spot eagles and wildlife; good luck is said to come to anyone who sets eyes on this king of the sky.

Aside from the great eagle population, the nature in Paamiut also soars. In winter, an uncanny amount of snow makes the Paamiut backcountry a snow sport lover’s dream! Whether randonnée skiing or cross-country skiing is your passion, there is enough untouched mountainside for everyone to have their own piece of Greenland.

In summertime, the snow melts and reveals hiking trails that are trodden ever so slightly. Aim for the mountain peaks to feel like an explorer standing on the top of the world or traverse many kilometers of trails inland, stopping along the way to admire the angelica that grows wildly on the hillside.

Paamiut community guidelines

  • Please ask adults before photographing children.
  • Please be respectful during our church service, especially during funerals or other important events.
  • The museum has 11 different historical buildings, which we would like to preserve. Please do not touch them, but you are very welcome to explore them.
  • You are more than welcome to visit the museum and pay at the entrance.
  • You are always welcome to use the designated landing facility – ’the Kings Bridge’ – specially used for cruise guests.
  • Please join our festive summer parties that we arrange every time we have a cruise call and take part in making it a good event.
  • Help us keep beautiful Paamiut clean. Use our garbage bins and leave no trace behind.
  • If you want exchange money, please contact Pilersuisoq by the harbor or at the museum.
  • You will find many historical and archaeological remains in and around Paamiut. Enjoy our past from a respectful distance.
  • Shop locally! You are welcome to buy our locally made products.










Places to see

1. Museum and Tourist Information
2. Post Office
3. Hospital
4. Police Station
5. Pilersuisoq grocery store + ATM
6. Pilersuisoq clothing + non-food
7. Brugseni grocery store
8. Community Hall
9. Church
10. Bella vista lookout post


Header photo: Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen, Visit Greenland