The sunniest settlement in Greenland

Kangerlussuaq serves as the gateway to the Greenland ice cap as well as to the rest of the world.

The majority of Kangerlussuaqs residents of Kangerlussuaq work in the tourism industry or at the airport, which is the main hub for flights in Greenland. Kangerlussuaq, also known as Sondre Stromfjord or Sondy, was built as a US Air base during WW2 and functioned until the end of the Cold War. Kangerlussuaq also hosts most of the scientific studies done in Greenland and is very close
to the UNESCO World Heritage site: Aasivissuit Nipisat, a site known for 4500 years of Inuit hunting grounds from the Ice cap to the Sea. This place has many beautiful and unique places to discover. The Arctic Circle Trail, the ice cap, a big population of reindeer and musk ox, glaciers and even Greenland’s longest road. A tour on the Ice Road brings you to either the breathtakingly beautiful Russell Glaciers or the 2nd biggest ice cap on earth. The road trip is full of adventures and takes around 4 hours in total.

Our tips for you:

  • The settlement offers you a great opportunity to go sightseeing to different viewpoints and points of interests close to the airport.
  • We do not have a tradition of bargaining and we sell our products at the same price to any customer all year long.
  • WIFI is available at the airport for a reasonable price.
  • Kangerlussuaq has local operators offering short tours in and around the settlement, it is really easy to get close to nature and wildlife here.
  • Musk ox wool is of the highest quality, a very sustainable material and it is an ecofriendly product. It’s also a good alternative to people with arthritis because of the silky softness of the wool.
  • The designs and techniques of Greenlandic arts and crafts vary across the country, so do not expect to find the exact same selection of items in other towns. The pieces you find here are unique and more than just souvenirs. They are household items used in any Greenlandic home.
  • You can book a local operator to take you to the Greenlandic sled dogs, take a taxi, or take the bus and get off by the old hospital and walk 15 minutes, or hike 45min from the airport.

Kangerlussuaq Community Guidelines

Please ask before photographing locals; some of us are camera shy. And please do not go to resident’s backyards, especially near the camping place.

  • Our dogs are beautiful and curious but please do not feed them or touch them. They are one of the purest dog races and closely related to the wolf. They are for work, not play or petting. The dogs
    are fenced, so please don’t put your hands though the fence.
  • Beware of traffic when you walk around town. Walk on the right side of the road.
  • Shop and eat locally to experience our culture up close, while supporting our community.
  • The locals use sustainable and local meat like the Musk Ox or reindeer.
  • The settlement has rich wildlife. Please show respect for the animals and keep a good distance.
  • Leave only footprints behind, then we won’t have to deal with our ancient spirits.

Places to go

1. Airport
2. Isbutik (Ice store)
3. Niviarsiaq (Musk Ox wool shop)
4. By Heart (Musk Ox wool & Greenlandic artwork)
5. Butik Sara
6. Tele Post Center (Post office)
7. Pilersuisoq (grocery store)
8. Police Office
9. Polar Lodge (Souvenirshop)
10. View Point, 10 min
11. Fossil plain
12. Vivis Shop (Souvenirshop)
13. Viewpoint
14. Museum
15. Church
16. Kang Mini Marked
17. Viewpoint
18. Dog yard
19. Viewpoint
20. Roklubben (Restaurant)
21. Tacan Viewpoint
22. Blackridge Viewpoint


Musk ox. Photo: Lasse Kyed
Musk ox. Photo: Lasse Kyed
A large variety of fossils are able to be found around Kangerlussuaq. Photo: Lasse Kyed
A large variety of fossils are able to be found around Kangerlussuaq. Photo: Lasse Kyed









Header photo: Photo: Mads Pihl