Aasiaat Community Guidelines

The archipelago with thousands of islands and bays

Aasiaat is located on a small island and is part of a larger archipelago that runs along the southern part of Disko Bay. The land of a thousand islands gives nature lovers many ways to discover Disko Bay.

The town is characterized by colorful houses that are painted with bright and highly visible paint along the shore, howling sled dogs, art all around town, whales close to the shore and a fantastic coastline for kayaking.

One way to experience the creative side of Aasiaat is to go on a self-guided Art’n’walk, where you can enjoy the collection of mural arts and sculptures around town at your own pace. In the local community hall, you can find Per Kirkeby’s many colorful paintings.

You can get the Art’n’walk brochure at www.diskobay.gl/ destinations/aasiaat

Disko Bay is located north of the Arctic Circle. Because of this, the summer nights and sunsets are wonderfully long, with this natural phenomenon coloring heaven and earth in a warm yellowish light. When sailing around the archipelago you can sail between large golden, glistening icebergs and it’s likely that you will meet some whales during the trip, as summer is the prime time for whale watching.

Only a few miles outside Aasiaat, you can find a whale graveyard.

Our tips for you
  • We don’t have public toilets in town. If you arrive by vessel, we advise you to take advantage of the facilities on board before you disembark. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to ask for the restroom at any public building or private business.
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Greenland, the water supply comes from surface water and it is famous for being one of the world’s finest. There are several Tap Water Houses around town – save the environment and drink tap
  • The shops do not exchange currency and do not accept payments in any currency other than Danish Kroner. However, they do accept payment for purchases using most credit cards.
  • We use facial expressions as communication tools; for example, lifting the eyebrows mean “hello”.



  • Beware of traffic when you walk around town. Please use the side of the road whenever available.
  • The harbor is a busy and bustling part of town. Please be careful and for your own safety, stay out of the way of people
  • When visiting Per Kirkeby’s paintings, please enjoy without touching them.
  • When our hunters and fishermen are working, it can be very exciting, but please try not to stand in their way.
  • Our dogs are beautiful and engaging but please do not feed them or get too close. They are working animals, not pets.
  • Leave only footprints behind, take your trash with you. Dump it in one of the bins in town.
  • Shop locally! You are welcome to buy our locally made products, but we do not have a tradition for bargaining.
  • Chat with locals – traveling is about exposing yourself to something new, something different. Open your mind and hold back on your judgements.
  • Please ask before photographing locals, some are camera shy, and do not take pictures of children at kindergartens or school. Get parental consent before photographing
  • Please respect privacy – there are no fences around the houses, do not get too close and do not take pictures through the windows.