Akranes Community Guidelines

Bustling life by the seaside

Akranes was granted the status of a chartered township in 1942 and is now the largest  municipality in West Iceland, bustling with life and vitality.

Akranes has just under 8000 inhabitants and is a lively town with a large variety of interesting events and activities. It lies on the shoreline at the tip of a peninsula, offering a wonderful panorama over Akrafjall and Faxaflói.

Guðlaug and Langisandur: At Langisandur you can bathe in the sea and enjoy the view of Guðlaug, a two-storey high hot pool with a viewfinder, positioned in the stone garden on Langisandur. There are both changing cubicles and outside showers at the site.

Leynir Golf Course: an 18-hole course with excellent facilities and a stunning view over Akrafjall. Golf equipment and golf carts can be hired on site.

Akranes Folk Museum: Presents a comprehensive saga of the town, industry and life south of Skarðsheiði. The museum offers a wonderful indoor exhibition with sound. There is also an attractive outside area where you can see objects of special interest, for example a blacksmith‘s forge in regular use.

Lighthouses: These are among the most recognised buildings in the town. The taller one is open to the public and from the top you have a beautiful view of Akranes and Faxaflói. The surroundings offer the opportunity for a very pleasant walk, besides being the site of the Information Centre for visitors.

Akratorg: The centre of town is the hub of life and cultural activities as well as being close to various shops and services. Akratorg is one of the best places to sit at leisure and observe what is going on around you.


  • We recommend a walk along Langisandur beach, an ideal location for enjoying the beautiful views and observing the busy everyday life of the people. We remind you, however, that the sea can be
    temperamental so be careful in bad weather. The hot pool, Guðlaug, is to be found on Langisandur, so, if you wish to try a dip, please remember to take along your swimsuit.
  • The local people enjoy having visitors to their town, so please feel free to have a chat. But if you want to take pictures of us or our children, please ask permission first.
  • Much of the local bird life can be seen in the town itself, especially on the seaward side. You are welcome to observe this but please respect their nesting grounds and be careful not to frighten them.
  • In Akranes, there is a wide variety of companies and industries which are interesting to observe. But please do NOT enter closed working areas, they are off limits for a reason.
  • We recommend you try out our culinary culture. There is a varied selection of excellent restaurants, cafés and food stores. Please do not bring your own food and drink into a business which sells its own food.
  • The church is a popular place for taking photographs; it is over 125 years old. The church is not open to visitors unless they have special permission.
  • The buses in Akranes are free and we suggest you use them to travel around town. We remind you that school children use buses to travel to and from school as well as during free periods 7:30-8:30 and 14:00-16:00.