Patreksfjörður Community Guidelines

The westernmost town in the Westfjords

Welcome to Patreksfjörður the place that prides itself on its amazing landscape, friendly community, local delicacies and rich history.

Surrounded by steep majestic cliffs, colored sandy creeks, incredible bird life and unspoiled nature, Patreksfjörður is the western most town in Europe and the second largest town of the Westfjords and inhabited by about 700 people. It is rich in history, having been used as a base for English, French and German sailors, merchants and naval mariners. It’s a wonderful place to fill your soul and camera with memories.

Patreksfjörður, vivid and charming, is the largest town in the southern Westfjords. It is predominantly a fishing town with various services and a public administration. The town is full of commercial and cultural history, the birthplace of many well-known artists and a hub for English, French and German fishermen in the early days.

Patreksfjörður is the perfect starting point for trips to the most precious tourist attractions in the Westfjords such as Látrabjarg cliff, Rauðasandur beach and Dynjandi waterfall. The area is excellent for hiking and biking. All around you will find natural wonders, amazing birdlife, impressive landscapes and rich heritage.

Excellent harbour facilities and favourable natural conditions have encouraged the growth of the fishing sector and still today the main occupation is commercial fishing, fish processing or fish farming. Fresh, frozen and salted cod, haddock and Atlantic catfish are exported to key markets in Europe. Tourism also plays a growing role, not surprisingly, with the natural gems in the surrounding  area. Patreksfjörður is a unique place with natural beauty in peaceful surroundings.

Services in Patreksfjörður

You can find information about services in Patreksfjörður and our town map at the Tourist Information Centre located at Þórsgata 8A.

Suggestions for ships

The port is in the center of town and it’s worth remembering that the townspeople can hear sounds from ships very clearly. Please avoid using the onboard loudspeaker system when in port, especially in the morning or late at night.

Public Art in Patreksfjörður:
  • Memorial of French fishermen in Patreksfjörður in the 18th and the 19th century.
  • Memorial of British fishermen in Icelandic waters and those who died there. The memorial was a joint venture by the citizens of Aberdeen, Hull and Grimsby in the United Kingdom.
  • Memorial of the lost fishermen raised in honour of everyone who has and will travel through our fjord for fishing.
  • Memorial of the snow avalanches in 1983 that killed 4 people and destroyed many homes.


  • In Patreksfjöður there are many traditional, old and colorful houses. These houses are people’s homes so please be respectful of their privacy by not going into the houses or private gardens, even though the door may be open. You can take pictures of those houses but please don’t take pictures through the windows.
  • We really do hope that you will take time to enjoy a stroll around town or a short hike in the beautiful nature all around the town. Please leave all flora, animals and heritage untouched. Please leave no trace nor lasting signs of your visit and pick up your trash.
  • Public toilets can be found at the harbor, at the Tourist Information Centre and at the campsite.
  • Our children play in the playground, often close to schools or in other areas of the town. Please do not take pictures of the children without permission from an adult.
  • Patteksfjörður and surroundings are very rich in bird If close to nesting birds, please avoid making noises and keep conversation low.
  • Patreksfjörður has a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool with an amazing view. We do recommend you to try it but please wash yourself without bathing suits before entering the pool.

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