Qasigiannguit Community Guidelines

The forgotten paradise

Qasigiannguit is located on the southeastern part of Disko Bay and is surrounded by spectacular 450m high mountains behind the town. Qasigiannguit is known for its good weather, and the air is considered to be Greenland’s best. The town is often referred to as the forgotten paradise by the locals.

The town is famous for its rich cultural heritage, and the local museum holds workshops throughout the year to preserve the culture. In the museum you can among other things explore the archeological findings from the 4500-year-old settlement of the Saqqaq culture, which is the archaeological designation of the earliest pre-Inuit culture of west and southeast Greenland.

Qasigiannguit is part of the mainland of Greenland, which creates endless of hiking opportunities around the area. One of the most popular hiking trails is up to the 450 m mountain called Qaqqarsuaq, where you can enjoy the view over Disko Bay.

Qasigiannguit is also the town where there are the most sled dogs in the Qeqertalik region; there are approximately 900 sled dogs registered here, and we have more active mushers than any other towns in the region.

If you want to meet the special Greenlandic dogs in a safe way, you can book a tour with one of the local tour operators and hear more about the history of sled dogs.

Our tips for you
  • Our public conveniences in town are limited. If you arrive by vessel, we advise you to take advantage of the facilities on board before you disembark. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to ask for the restroom at any public building or private business.
  • There are no places to buy WIFI. It is a good idea to have data on your phone, if you should need it.
  • Our local drinking water is excellent, you can drink it from the tap! There are several Tap Water Houses around town – bring your own bottle.
  • You can find an ATM in the local supermarket, The shops accept Danish Kroner or credit cards.
  • Our town has some rugged terrain, and there are no buses and very few taxis. Using the right clothing (dressing in layers) and wearing sturdy footwear will enhance your experience.
  • We encourage you to use local operators for activities – nobody knows our town better than we do. A local guide will tell you all the amazing stories and make your adventure better!
  • Use only approved boat operators when on the water – for your own safety!
Suggestions for operators
  • Please respect the maximum speed when sailing into the bay – max. 3 knots – high speeds disturb the wildlife and the fishermen.
  • Please use the marked pontoons when going ashore.



  • We only have two main roads, and the sideroads are Please pay attention and avoid blocking traffic.
  • Our church is beautiful, and you are welcome to join in the services. Please do not interfere in ceremonies without permission.
  • Our beautiful atmospheric museum area is a must- see for any visitor. Please remember that entry into buildings requires a ticket.
  • We are a small town, and many places have a limited capacity – please be aware to spread out between attractions.
  • You will find many historical and archaeological remains around Qasigiannguit, often invisible to you if you don’t know where to look. Ask the locals and enjoy our past from a respectful distance.
  • Talk to, and not about, the people you meet. Please ask for permission before photographing people.
  • Always ask for parental consent before photographing people.
  • Please do not give candy or money to the children.
  • Our dogs are beautiful and might seem friendly. But please don´t feed, pet or call for them – this also applies to puppies.
  • When hiking in nature, please use the paths and do not collect plants or rocks.
  • Help us keep Qasigiannguit clean. Use our garbage bins and leave no trace of your visit behind.
  • Shop and eat locally to experience our culture up close, while supporting our community and traditions.