Qeqertarsuaq Community Guidelines

Experience nature all year round

Qeqertarsuaq, also known as Disko Island is the largest island in Greenland. The island is situated west of the central mainland of Greenland.

The landscape around Qeqertarsuaq is completely different from the rest of Greenland due to its volcanic origin.

The landscape is characterized by basaltic mountains, black sandy beaches and a very green and diverse vegetation. Qeqertarsuaq has a large biodiversity and more than 200 plant species can be found on the island. One of the most popular plants on Qeqertarsuaq is the plant locally known as Kuannit (i.e. Angelica angelica) which is widely used for drinks and food by the local population.

The large variety of flora, fauna and geology have over many years attracted scientists from all around the world. The oldest research station in the Arctic, Arctic Station,

is situated approximately one kilometer outside the town of Qeqertarsuaq. The station is owned by University of Copenhagen and accommodates each year approximately 200 international scientists, mainly during the summer.

Besides its breathtaking scenery, Qeqertarsuaq also offers spectacular wildlife. During the summer, Disko Bay turns into a playground for many different species of whales. From mid-summer until late autumn, it is likely for you to see humpback whales, minke whales and fin whales.

Our tips for you
  • Our public toilets in town are limited. If you arrive by vessel, please use the toilet facilities before you disembark.
  • If you want to buy something in Qeqertarsuaq, please bring Danish Kroner in cash. There is no bank in town, and it is not possible to use foreign currencies. An ATM is situated in the local supermarket, Pilersuisoq.
  • We are known for our excellent water; you can drink it from the tap! Bring your own bottle and taste it.
  • Please bring clothes and footwear for all kinds of weather – the weather changes rapidly.
  • You can find several local guides in town, and by using them, you will support the local community.
  • For your own safety, use only approved boat operators when sailing.


  • Please always respect people’s privacy. Also respect private property and places of religious and cultural significance.
    – Never enter a private house without an invitation.
    – Please ask for permission before taking pictures of local people.
    – Always ask for parental consent before photographing children.
  • Think of yourself as a visitor in other peoples home. Respect their culture and be polite. You will then meet very friendly and open-minded people.
  • We might not always understand your language, but please use gestures or act it out – we use facial expressions and body language a lot to communicate.
  • Greenlandic dogs are not pets but working animals. Please do not feed them, pet them or call for them. Use the same caution with puppies as with adult dogs.
  • Help us keep beautiful Qeqertarsuaq clean. Use our garbage bins and leave no trace of your visit behind.
  • When hiking, please use the paths
    – we care for our nature.

• We have over 200 species of beautiful plants. Enjoy them, but do not pick them.

• Use products made by local artists as souvenirs. By doing so, you support our local community and our traditions.