Reine Community Guidelines

Welcome to Reine

Reine in Lofoten is arguably one of the most spectacular places you’re ever going to visit. This fishing village consists of a chain of islands, connected by bridges and winding roads, with Vestfjord on the one side, and Reinefjord and tall mountains on the other. You are visiting for a short period, and we encourage you to do as the locals do; respect nature and each other.

The small fishing village is the municipal center for Moskenes Municipality in Lofoten. Today there are approx. 300 people living there and the Lofoten fisheries plays a particularly important role. The primary industry is fish reception and fish processing as well as some mechanical industry.

In the last couple of years Reine has become a favorite amongst travellers. Rorbu cabins are beautifully placed on the islands, offering a scenic “taste” of traditional living where one can experience Arctic weather in the winter and crystal-clear waters in the summer.

Rorbu cabins are one of the features of the Nordland coastline and particular to Lofoten. These were originally basic accommodations for the Lofoten fishermen, built on poles partly out in the water. Today, most of the fisherman’s cabins are used for accommodation, many of them are original Rorbu cabins.  Together with the incredible location, Reine also offers a vast range of activities like kayaking, hiking of the sherpa stairs at Reinebringen, as well as having some of the Lofoten Island’s finest restaurants.



  • Reine is an authentic and active fishing village, remember to pay attention as there may be workers around
  • Please respect the privacy of
  • Our nature and small community are beautiful and pure, please help us keep it that way.
  • You are welcome to photograph the stockfish, just keep in mind that it is food so please do not touch.
  • During winter, please wear something shiny and reflective – we cannot see you in the dark.
  • Reine center consists of small narrow streets, if you have a car you are welcome to use the public parking
  • Put your trash in the trash bins and help us to keep the town clean and neat.
  • Please use public campsites and do not camp
Helpful tips for you:
  • If you want to explore Reine we have plenty of insider tips – just ask – and use local guides and suppliers.
  • Are you going to hike up to Reinebringen? Keep in mind that this is a demanding hike. Before you start on the almost 2000 steps to the top it is smart to warm up to prepare yourself. It is a short hike from Reine center to the bottom of the stairs, and if you have a car, use the public parking place.
  • Join organized tours. A local guide will take care of your safety and make the adventure even better